Recently I decided to upgrade to Gulp 4 even though it’s not released yet. And since there are some breaking changes I had to go over my gulp files. I usually do three type of projects in node/js, rest apis, library projects (npm packages), ionic and angular apps. I decided to write blog posts and share my gulp files in case other will find it useful. I do like to use the most loved and hated language in node world, CoffeeScript. I sure give it some love here, not because I find JavaScript hard or don’t know how to properly scope my variables or make objects, but because I find code written in CoffeScript much more readable and maintainable (yep, all that brackets and parentheses.) Other libraries I religiously use are Chai and Mocka for unit testing, Istanbul for code coverage, Sinon and Proxyquire for mocking, Jade for templates, Sass for stylesheets and of course Jenkins for continuous integration. So this combination on it’s own makes my gulp files pretty unique. Listing links to individual posts where I have my gulp file and I’m explaining which task is doing what.