• Installing Openvpn In Osmc

    I was running Raspbmc in Raspberry Pi which I like to use once a year (but I’m not gonna write about that part). What’s interesting about that device is that I always have it on and it’s connected to my router, so it makes it a great candidate for installing vpn server in it. And instead of getting another Pi to run vpn server and keep it up and running 24/7, it’s a good idea to just install OpenVpn on it also since it’s built on top of linux and that’s what I had. There have been lot of changes to the project and it also changed it’s name to OSMc. So I just decided to reformat, get OSMC and install OpenVpn on it again. Since I didn’t provision that server with chef (would be interesting to see someone run chef client in Pi though) I had to do everything manually again. Decided to write about it in case others would be interested in creating similar setup also. And since OSMC is built on top of Debian, this guide mostly applies to any Debian based setup.

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