• Writing Aws Lambdas In Scala

    AWS Lambda supports writing handlers in Nodejs, Python and Java. The first two are really easy - if you don’t have any external dependencies and script is easy to write, you can even write your lambda in AWS console. However when it comes to Java, things get a little more complicated than that (not even talking about Scala yet.) So at the very least you’ll need to create a new project, know what jar dependencies to add for lambda, implement the handler method in a class that potentially implements some interface, know how to generate a deployment package (fat jar or a zip file for java projects), upload to S3 (since that jar would have a decent size), etc. If I want to implement my lambda in Scala now, I would have to deal with all those complexities for Java projects and more - such as more dependencies, how to write an actual Scala code (not Java in Scala syntax), interoperability, immutability, built in features like case classes, futures, etc. I thought it’s not fair for Scala developers and things can be much simpler (maybe not Nodejs simple) but at least it has to be simpler than doing in Java, since we all know Scala has more things to make developer’s job easier.

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